BOTANICAL BLUES Ever since I was taught the cyanotype development process I have become infatuated. The hands on development technique as well as the unpredictable outcome, makes cyanotypes completely unique images. Sir John Herschel conceived the cyanotype process in 1842. Herschel was an astronomer, inventor, chemist and photographer. Herschel also deemed the terms negative and positive in photography, which is still used to this day. Cyanotypes were originally used as blueprints and were not perceived to be an alternative process for image making. This changed in 1843 when English botanist Ana Atkins and friend of Herschel’s used cyanotypes as an artform. Atkins produced several Cyanotype books containing contact prints of various seaweed, ferns and flowers. Atkins became the first female photographer with the publishing of her first book Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions. Cyanotype Impressions directly inspired this on going project. Since photography has transformed so much since the 1840’s, I thought that a modern take on some of the first created images would be interesting. (2016)

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