My name is Brian McMillan, I am a fine art and editorial photographer from Toronto, Ontario. My self-discovery of my passion with a camera was a turning point of a realization that this is something I want to continue with as a full time career.
My images are a collection of photographs taken mostly throughout Ontario. With the use of various lenses I invite my viewers into a full atmospheric experience of varying depths. Through this technique I anticipate that the spectator will reflect on a time spent in a similar place or relate to the portraits in some manner. These images consist of various landscapes and individuals in a diverse selection of locations. My objective is to present an alternative way to they way we view the natural environment and our relationship with it. A sense of atmosphere and mood is created through the contrasting values and solidarity of subject matter. I would like the viewer to leave with an appreciation of ones existence through the viewing of humanity and nature living harmoniously.
Through these relationships I treat my photography as a personal documentation of my life. My experiences in photography are an ongoing change; my first photo to my last is considered one body of work.
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